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A PF01613 Flavin_Reduct Flavin reductase like domain Domain This is a flavin reductase family consisting of enzymes known to be flavin reductases as well as various oxidoreductase and monooxygenase components. VlmR is a flavin reductase that functions in a two-component enzyme system to provide isobutylamine N-hydroxylase with reduced flavin and may be involved in the synthesis of valanimycin [1]. SnaC is a flavin reductase that provides reduced flavin for the oxidation of pristinamycin IIB to pristinamycin IIA as catalysed by SnaA, SnaB heterodimer [2]. This flavin reductase region characterised by enzymes of the family is present in the C-terminus of potential FMN proteins from Synechocystis sp. suggesting it is a flavin reductase domain [1]. PFAM PF01613

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