Macromolecule Annotations for the Entities in PDB 1E5S

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Chains Pfam Accession Pfam Identifier Pfam Description Type Source
A PF05373 Pro_3_hydrox_C L-proline 3-hydroxylase, C-terminal Domain Iron (II)/2-oxoglutarate (2-OG)-dependent oxygenases catalyse oxidative reactions in a range of metabolic processes. Proline 3-hydroxylase hydroxylates proline at position 3, the first of a 2-OG oxygenase catalysing oxidation of a free alpha-amino acid. The structure contains conserved motifs present in other 2-OG oxygenases including a jelly roll strand core and residues binding iron and 2-oxoglutarate, consistent with divergent evolution within the extended family. The structure differs significantly from many other 2-OG oxygenases in possessing a discrete C-terminal helical domain. PFAM PF05373
A PF05118 Asp_Arg_Hydrox Aspartyl/Asparaginyl beta-hydroxylase Family

Protein Modification Annotation

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