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A PF07945 Toxin_16 Janus-atracotoxin Domain This family includes three peptides secreted by the spider Hadronyche versuta (Swiss:P82226, Swiss:P82227, Swiss:P82228). These are insect-selective, excitatory neurotoxins that may function by antagonising muscle acetylcholine receptors, or acetylcholine receptor subtypes present in other invertebrate neurons [1]. Janus atracotoxin-Hv1c (J-ACTX-Hv1c, Swiss:P82228) is organised into a disulphide-rich globular core (residues 3-19) and a beta-hairpin (residues 20-34). There are 4 disulphide bridges, one of which is a vicinal disulphide bridge; this is known to be unimportant in the maintenance of structure but critical for insecticidal activity [1]. PFAM PF07945

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