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Crystal structure of GLIC with mutations at the loop C region
Biology and Chemistry Report
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    Structure Keywords

    Text TRANSPORT PROTEIN, pentameric ligand-gated ion channel, proton-gated ion channel

    Polymeric Molecules

    Chain A,B,C,D,E
    Description Proton-gated ion channel 
    Fragment UNP residues 43-359 
    Mutation D91N, E177Q, D178N 
    Nonstandard Linkage no 
    Nonstandard Monomers no 
    Polymer Type polypeptide(L) 
    Formula Weight 36275.2 
    Source Method genetically manipulated  
    Entity Name GLIC, Ligand-gated ion channel, LGIC 

    Ligands and Prosthetic Groups

    ID Name Chemical Formula Weight Ligand Structure
    ACT  ACETATE ION  C2 H3 O2   59.04  View 
    LMD  tetradecyl 4-O-alpha-D-glucopyranosyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside  C26 H50 O11   538.67  View 
    OXL  OXALATE ION  C2 O4   88.02  View 
    PC1  1,2-DIACYL-SN-GLYCERO-3-PHOSPHOCHOLINE  C44 H88 N O8 P   790.15  View 
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    UniProtKB Information

    Chain SWS/UNP ID SWS/UNP Accession(s)
    A,B,C,D,E GLIC_GLOVI Q7NDN8     

    C: Cellular Location | F: Molecular Function | P: Biological Process
    Chain A,B,C,D,E
    GO ID   Ontology GO Term Definition
    6810   Transport  The Directed Movement of Substances (such As Macromolecules Small Molecules Ions) Into Out of or Within a Cell or Between Cells or Within a Multicellular Organism by Means of Some Agent Such As a Transporter or Pore. 
    6811   Ion Transport  The Directed Movement of Charged Atoms or Small Charged Molecules Into Out of or Within a Cell or Between Cells by Means of Some Agent Such As a Transporter or Pore. 
    16020   Membrane  A Lipid Bilayer Along with All the Proteins and Protein Complexes Embedded in It an Attached to It. 
    16021   Integral Component of Membrane  The Component of a Membrane Consisting of the Gene Products and Protein Complexes Having At Least Some Part of Their Peptide Sequence Embedded in the Hydrophobic Region of the Membrane. 
    5230   Extracellular Ligand Gated Ion Channel Activity  Enables the Transmembrane Transfer of an Ion by a Channel That Opens When a Specific Extracellular Ligand Has Been Bound by the Channel Complex or One of Its Constituent Parts. 

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    Genetic Source

    Chain A,B,C,D,E
    Scientific Name Gloeobacter violaceus  
    Strain PCC 7421
    Gene glr4197, glvi
    Host Scientific Name Escherichia coli  
    Host Strain Rosseta(de3) Plyss
    Host Vector Type Plasmid
    Host Plasmid Name pET26b

    Genome Information

    Chromosome Locus Gene ID Gene Name Symbol
    - - 2602600     hypothetical protein GLR4197