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Contribution of disulfide bond toward thermostability in hyperthermostable endocellulase
Biology and Chemistry Report
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    Structure Keywords

    Keywords HYDROLASE
    Text Hyperthermophilic, Disulfide bond, TIM barrel, Glycosyl Hydrolase, Hydrolizaiton, Membrane-bound, HYDROLASE

    Polymeric Molecules

    Chain A,B,C
    Description 458aa long hypothetical endo-1,4-beta-glucanase 
    Fragment UNP residues 34-410 
    Nonstandard Linkage no 
    Nonstandard Monomers no 
    Polymer Type polypeptide(L) 
    Formula Weight 43291.1 
    Source Method genetically manipulated  
    Entity Name endoglucanase, cellulase, EGPh 

    Ligands and Prosthetic Groups

    ID Name Chemical Formula Weight Ligand Structure
    PO4  PHOSPHATE ION  O4 P   94.97  View 
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    UniProtKB Information

    Chain SWS/UNP ID SWS/UNP Accession(s)
    A,B,C O58925_PYRHO O58925     

    EC, Associated Pathways and Catalytic Sites

    Chain(s) IUBMB KEGG BioCyc
    A B C      
    C: Cellular Location | F: Molecular Function | P: Biological Process
    Chain A,B,C
    GO ID   Ontology GO Term Definition
    5975   Carbohydrate Metabolic Process  The Chemical Reactions and Pathways Involving Carbohydrates Any of a Group of Organic Compounds Based of the General Formula Cx(h2o)y. Includes the Formation of Carbohydrate Derivatives by the Addition of a Carbohydrate Residue to Another Molecule. 
    4553   Hydrolase Activity Hydrolyzing O Glycosyl Compounds  Catalysis of the Hydrolysis of Any O Glycosyl Bond. 

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    Genetic Source

    Chain A,B,C
    Scientific Name Pyrococcus horikoshii  
    Strain OT3
    Gene ph1171
    Host Scientific Name Escherichia coli