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Crystal structure of human mdm2 with a dihydroimidazothiazole inhibitor
Biology and Chemistry Report
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    Structure Keywords

    Text Ubiquitin-protein ligase E3 Mdm2, p53, LIGASE-LIGASE INHIBITOR complex

    Polymeric Molecules

    Chain A,B
    Description E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase Mdm2 
    Fragment SWIB domain, UNP residues 25-109 
    Mutation L33E 
    Nonstandard Linkage no 
    Nonstandard Monomers no 
    Polymer Type polypeptide(L) 
    Formula Weight 10205.1 
    Source Method genetically manipulated  
    Entity Name Double minute 2 protein, Hdm2, Oncoprotein Mdm2, p53-binding protein Mdm2 

    Ligands and Prosthetic Groups

    ID Name Chemical Formula Weight Ligand Structure
    VZV  1-{[(5R,6S)-5,6-bis(4-chlorophenyl)-6-methyl-3-(propan-2-yl)-5,6-dihydroimidazo[2,1-b][1,3]thiazol-2-yl]carbonyl}-N,N-dimethyl-L-prolinamide  C29 H32 Cl2 N4 O2 S   571.56  View 
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    UniProtKB Information

    Chain SWS/UNP ID SWS/UNP Accession(s)
    A,B MDM2_HUMAN Q00987     

    EC, Associated Pathways and Catalytic Sites

    Chain(s) IUBMB KEGG BioCyc
    A B  6.3.2      
    C: Cellular Location | F: Molecular Function | P: Biological Process
    Chain A,B
    GO ID   Ontology GO Term Definition
    122   Negative Regulation of Transcription From RNA Polymerase Ii Promoter  Any Process That Stops Prevents or Reduces the Frequency Rate or Extent of Transcription From an RNA Polymerase Ii Promoter. 
    16567   Protein Ubiquitination  The Process in Which One or More Ubiquitin Groups Are Added to a Protein. 
    43066   Negative Regulation of Apoptotic Process  Any Process That Stops Prevents or Reduces the Frequency Rate or Extent of Cell Death by Apoptotic Process. 
    71157   Negative Regulation of Cell Cycle Arrest  Any Process That Decreases the Rate Frequency or Extent of Cell Cycle Arrest the Process in Which the Cell Cycle Is Halted During One of the Normal Phases. 
    5634   Nucleus  A Membrane Bounded Organelle of Eukaryotic Cells in Which Chromosomes Are Housed and Replicated. in Most Cells the Nucleus Contains All of the Cell's Chromosomes Except the Organellar Chromosomes and Is the Site of RNA Synthesis and Processing. in Some Species or in Specialized Cell Types RNA Metabolism or DNA Replication May Be Absent. 

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    Genetic Source

    Chain A,B
    Common Name Human
    Scientific Name Homo sapiens  
    Gene mdm2
    Host Scientific Name Escherichia coli  
    Host Strain Bl21
    Host Vector Type Plasmid
    Host Plasmid Name pGEX4T3

    Genome Information

    Chromosome Locus Gene ID Gene Name Symbol
    12 12q14.3-q15 4193     MDM2 proto-oncogene, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase MDM2