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Shikimate 5-Dehydrogenase (aroE) from Helicobacter pylori in complex with Shikimate
Biology and Chemistry Report
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    Structure Keywords

    Text shikimate dehydrogenase, shikimate pathway, Helicobacter pylori, oxidoreductase, alpha/beta domain, Rossmann fold

    Polymeric Molecules

    Chain A
    Description Shikimate dehydrogenase 
    Nonstandard Linkage no 
    Nonstandard Monomers no 
    Polymer Type polypeptide(L) 
    Formula Weight 30139.2 
    Source Method genetically manipulated  

    Ligands and Prosthetic Groups

    ID Name Chemical Formula Weight Ligand Structure
    SKM  (3R,4S,5R)-3,4,5-TRIHYDROXYCYCLOHEX-1-ENE-1-CARBOXYLIC ACID  C7 H10 O5   174.15  View 
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    UniProtKB Information

    Chain SWS/UNP ID SWS/UNP Accession(s)
    A AROE_HELPY P56119     

    EC, Associated Pathways and Catalytic Sites

    Chain(s) IUBMB KEGG BioCyc      
    C: Cellular Location | F: Molecular Function | P: Biological Process
    Chain A
    GO ID   Ontology GO Term Definition
    8652   Cellular Amino Acid Biosynthetic Process  The Chemical Reactions and Pathways Resulting in the Formation of Amino Acids Organic Acids Containing One or More Amino Substituents. 
    9073   Aromatic Amino Acid Family Biosynthetic Process  The Chemical Reactions and Pathways Resulting in the Formation of Aromatic Amino Acid Family Amino Acids with Aromatic Ring (phenylalanine Tyrosine Tryptophan). 
    9423   Chorismate Biosynthetic Process  The Chemical Reactions and Pathways Resulting in the Formation of the Unsymmetrical Ether Derived From Phosphoenolpyruvate and 5 Phosphoshikimic Acid Formed As an Intermediate in the Biosynthesis of Aromatic Amino Acids and Many Other Compounds. 
    19632   Shikimate Metabolic Process  The Chemical Reactions and Pathways Involving Shikimate (3r 4s 5r) 3 4 5 Trihydroxycyclohex 1 Ene 1 Carboxylate the Anion of Shikimic Acid. It Is an Important Intermediate in the Biosynthesis of Aromatic Amino Acids. 
    55114   Oxidation Reduction Process  A Metabolic Process That Results in the Removal or Addition of One or More Electrons to or From a Substance with or Without the Concomitant Removal or Addition of a Proton or Protons. 
    4764   Shikimate 3 Dehydrogenase (nadp+) Activity  Catalysis of the Reaction: Shikimate + Nadp+ = 3 Dehydroshikimate + Nadph + H+. 
    16491   Oxidoreductase Activity  Catalysis of an Oxidation Reduction (redox) Reaction a Reversible Chemical Reaction in Which the Oxidation State of an Atom or Atoms Within a Molecule Is Altered. One Substrate Acts As a Hydrogen or Electron Donor and Becomes Oxidized While the Other Acts As Hydrogen or Electron Acceptor and Becomes Reduced. 
    50661   Nadp Binding  Interacting Selectively and Non Covalently with Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate a Coenzyme Involved in Many Redox and Biosynthetic Reactions; Binding May Be to Either the Oxidized Form Nadp+ or the Reduced Form Nadph. 

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    Genetic Source

    Chain A
    Common Name Campylobacter Pylori
    Scientific Name Helicobacter pylori  
    Strain 26695
    Gene aroe, hp_1249
    Host Scientific Name Escherichia coli  
    Host Strain Bl21(de3)
    Host Vector Type Plasmid
    Host Plasmid Name pET28a

    Genome Information

    Chromosome Locus Gene ID Gene Name Symbol
    - - 898819     shikimate 5-dehydrogenase AROE