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The budding yeast chaperone Scm3 recognizes the partially unfolded dimer of the centromere-specific Cse4/H4 histone variant
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    Structure Keywords

    Keywords CHAPERONE
    Text centromere protein, CenH3 variants, Partially unfolded, CHAPERONE

    Polymeric Molecules

    Chain A
    Description Budding yeast chaperone Scm3 
    Nonstandard Linkage no 
    Nonstandard Monomers no 
    Polymer Type polypeptide(L) 
    Formula Weight 13718.0 
    Source Method genetically manipulated  

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    UniProtKB Information

    Chain SWS/UNP ID SWS/UNP Accession(s)
    A CENPA_YEAST P36012     

    C: Cellular Location | F: Molecular Function | P: Biological Process
    Chain A
    GO ID   Ontology GO Term Definition
    786   Nucleosome  A Complex Comprised of DNA Wound Around a Multisubunit Core and Associated Proteins Which Forms the Primary Packing Unit of DNA Into Higher Order Structures. 
    5634   Nucleus  A Membrane Bounded Organelle of Eukaryotic Cells in Which Chromosomes Are Housed and Replicated. in Most Cells the Nucleus Contains All of the Cell's Chromosomes Except the Organellar Chromosomes and Is the Site of RNA Synthesis and Processing. in Some Species or in Specialized Cell Types RNA Metabolism or DNA Replication May Be Absent. 
    3677   DNA Binding  Any Molecular Function by Which a Gene Product Interacts Selectively and Non Covalently with DNA (deoxyribonucleic Acid). 
    46982   Protein Heterodimerization Activity  Interacting Selectively and Non Covalently with a Nonidentical Protein to Form a Heterodimer. 

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    Genetic Source

    Chain A
    Scientific Name Saccharomyces cerevisiae  
    Strain ATCC 204508 / S288C
    Gene cse4p
    Host Scientific Name Escherichia coli  
    Host Strain Bl21 Codonplus Ripl