Map Genomic Position to Protein Sequence and 3D Structure


This analysis tool highlights the location of a gene position of the human genome on protein sequence and 3D structure.  

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Chromosome chr21 : 46,875,445

COL18A1 - 21q22.3

collagen type XVIII alpha 1 chain

Locus: 21q22.3Orientation: +
View position on Gene View: COL18A1
Position in mRNA: 1 (phase: 0)
None of the available UniProt isoforms matches the mRNA of this gene.
View canonical UniProt sequence: P39060
Mapping to Pathway Maps for P39060
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Integrating genomic information with protein sequence and 3D atomic level structure at the RCSB protein data bank
A Prlić, T Kalro, R Bhattacharya, C Christie, SK Burley, PW Rose
Bioinformatics, btw547