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Structural View of HIV/AIDS:

A Video Challenge for High School Students

Video Submission

To participate in the challenge, create and upload your videos to YouTube. Then complete your registration between Feb 17 and May 31, 2014. To qualify, the video must remain online through at least June 12th. Videos removed prior to that date will be disqualified. In early June 2014, judges and other viewers will view the YouTube links that you provide for judging and voting. Winners will be announced in the third week of June 2014.

Video entry submission directions

1. Upload your video to your own YouTube account with the following settings.

YouTube Video Settings Checklist

The settings for your entry video on YouTube should be

Basic Settings tab (screenshot help)

  • Description field states: Entry for the RCSB PDB Video Challenge 2014 "Structural View of HIV/AIDS".
  • Category is set to Education

Advanced settings tab (screenshot help )

  • All boxes in the in the comment section are unchecked (Allow comments, Users can vote on comments, Users can view ratings for this video)
  • In the distribution section the checkbox "Allow embedding" is checked

Additional: Your video should not use any YouTube-native enhancements (e.g., Audio, Annotations, or Captions)

Save the video web-link for entering the challenge.

2. Download and complete the following forms:

Parent_permission_form.pdf - one for each team member to be signed by a parent/guardian.

Actor_release_form.pdf - one for each actor (including voice) appearing in the video, who is not a team member, regardless of whether they are minors or over the age 18.

All signed forms can be scanned and emailed to info@rcsb.org or faxed to 732-445-4320.

3. Complete the Registration Form below: