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2015 RCSB PDB Video Challenge for High School Students

Detecting & Combating HIV in 3D

Learn about the Structural Biology of HIV from related Molecule of the Month articles. The image above shows HIV Envelope Glycoprotein from January 2014.

Reverse Transcriptase

HIV-1 Protease


Resources for learning about HIV/AIDS from PDB-101

HIV/AIDS Draft Curriculum

The HIV/AIDS curriculum is a classroom resource that introduces the structure and function of biological molecules that play key roles in immunity. In the context of these immune molecules, learn:
  • How and why is HIV infection so different from any other infection?
  • What are some of the current and upcoming strategies for treating HIV infection? Why is it important for the youth to understand the science of HIV/AIDS?
Select teaching materials and activities from curricula at two different levels:
  • General Biology students (who have not yet received a detailed introduction to biological molecules); and
  • Advanced Placement Biology students (who are learning biology at a 1st year college level)

Molecular Visualization Resources

RCSB PDB resources for learning about molecular structures