The solution structure of the Pointed (PNT) domain from the transcrition factor Erg

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ChainsDomain InfoClassFoldSuperfamilyFamilyDomainSpecies
Ad1sxea1 All alpha proteins SAM domain-like SAM/Pointed domain Pointed domain Transcriptional regulator ERG human (Homo sapiens ) [TaxId: 9606 ]
Ad1sxea2 Artifacts Tags Tags Tags N-terminal Tags human (Homo sapiens ) [TaxId: 9606 ]
A1.10.150.50 Mainly Alpha Orthogonal Bundle DNA polymerase domain 1

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APF02198Sterile alpha motif (SAM)/Pointed domain (SAM_PNT)Sterile alpha motif (SAM)/Pointed domain- Domain
APF00178Ets-domain (Ets)Ets-domain- Domain